Glutamine – The King Of The Amino Acids!

Glutamine is the most common amino acid, and because of that it is rarely insufficient quantities in the human (body builder’s) body.

What is Glutamine?

L-Glutamine (abbreviated as Gln) or simply Glutamine is non-essential aminoacid, because it can be synthesized in our body. In fact, it can be synthesizedby multiple organs – muscles, liver, etc.

The biggest supply of glutaminein our body is the blood plasma – around 35%. The high net amount ofHydrogen in its molecule (around 20%) makes it the single most importanthydrogen mediator in our body.

How is Glutamine created in our body?

In most cases Glutamine is synthesized through fermentation of food bybacteria in our stomachs.

Why is Glutamine so important?

Glutamine has various uses in our body, but several of them are veryimportant for body builders. It drastically increases the growth hormoneproduction and it also plays important role in peptide metabolism, whichtranslates in fast recovery rates and muscle growth.

Regular administrationguarantees protection from muscle tissue dismemberment and ensuresthe body has enough of the hormone for the tissue to grow.

If active bodybuilders do not produce or administer enough Glutamine they will sufferGlutamine deficit, which leads to other internal organs “stealing” the aminoacid from the muscle tissue.

What are negative/side effects of taking a Glutaminesupplement?

Glutamine itself does not have any negative side effects. Taking extremequantities may lead to an upset stomach. In that case, stop taking thesupplement for 2-3 days and then lower the amount you administer.

How to administer Glutamine?

The level of L-Glutamine drops around 50% after a session. This is why themost appropriate time for administration is about 30 minutes after the end ofthe session.

It will help recovering the glycogen in the muscle tissues (whichtransforms itself into glucose causing high blood sugar and Insulin levels).The 30 minutes waiting period is mandatory, because after lengthy cardio

sessions, the levels of Cortisol(a steroid hormone) in the blood are very high.Cortisol suppresses the stomach absorption rates and makes administrationof supplements inefficient.

Other Glutamine advantages

It is the main source for the Glutamic acid – one of the most powerfulantioxidants in our body. Glutamine is also one of the main ammoniatransporters in our body.

What happens to the Glutamine after administration

After ingestion it is quickly transformed into Citrulline and Arginine (other α-amino acids) and Glutamic acid.

Which are the most Glutamine-rich foods?The highest percentages of this important amino acids are foods with highproteins levels, such as red meat, fish and dairy products.