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Why it is Essential to Pick the Right Supplements for Your Goals

When it comes to health, fitness and weight loss, there are a huge array of supplements on the market that can be combined with the right nutrition and exercise programs to help you boost your results.

Supplementation is based on adding to your diet, or increasing levels of, nutrients that have biological effects that are beneficial in terms of what you are trying to do.

If you are trying to lose weight, supplements that speed up your metabolism and help mobilise fats can help.

If you are trying to build muscle and bulk up, supplements that help promote muscle growth or help you recover more efficiently between workouts can help.

However, taking supplements intended for people with different aims to your own can actually have a negative effect on your progress. This is why it is important to plan your supplementation properly and match it to your goals.

How Taking the Wrong Supplements can Set You Back

Supplements designed for different purposes or strategies can have a negative impact on your results. Even in the weight loss supplementation market, you will find that some supplements are targetted towards specific weight loss approaches.

While one product may be ideal for someone on a low fat diet who does a lot of strength training (for example fat blockers like chitosan), they can set back a person on a low carb diet who does a lot of cardio, even though these are both widely accepted, sound approaches to losing weight.

If you are only trying to lose fat, even if you are using a lot of strength and resistance training in your approach, the results you would get from taking supplements like creatine which are better suited to those trying to build big muscles will not necessarily be the ones you want.

They won’t do you any harm in most cases, but they may hold you back in terms of your specific goals.

Finding the Right Supplements

The key to finding the right supplements is having a sound plan and strategy for reaching your goals, and knowing what changes need to take place in your body to reach them.

Don’t simply think “I want to lose weight, so I will buy every supplement that claims to help with weight loss”, but instead know how your own weight loss plan works and pick the supplements that support your approach to diet and exercise.

If you are considering any supplement or combination of supplements, make sure you know exactly what they do from a biological perspective (rather than just the high level marketing claims like “it burns fat” or “it helps muscle grow”), and are sure that this is an effect that will compliment your planned approach.

It is worth mentioning that there are some supplements that are pretty much universally helpful for anyone with any fitness goals, like Omega-3, B vitamins and in many cases caffeine, but again, be sure you know what they do before including them in your supplement program.